HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management MBA scholarships for international students, 2016

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management MBA scholarships for international students, 2016

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management offers MBA scholarships for international students. Scholarships are awarded to pursue full-time, Part-time and Global Executive MBA program. To be eligible for these scholarships, applicants must hold a first degree with an above average result and present a GMAT score of at least 650 (full time MBA) or or min. 600 (part time). The scholarship will be awarded as a tuition waiver of the total tuition costs of the MBA program.

School(Institutions/ Country): | Germany

Level: MBA program

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Field(s): Business Administration.

Deadline: April 1, and June 30,

Funded By: HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany

Beneficiaries(Target Groups): HHL MBA Scholarships are targeted for International students

Benefits(Value/ Inclusions):

‣ Award No:  Full-time MBA – Young Leader Scholarship: Two

Full-time MBA – Future Entrepreneur Scholarship: Two

Part-time MBA – Global Diversity Scholarship: Two

‣ Scholarship Duration:  HHL MBA Scholarships are awarded for the duration of program.

The track records show that a master degree from HHL will provide you with exceptional career opportunities that will make your financial investment well worthwhile.

‣ However, they are aware of the fact that pursuing a master program at HHL requires serious commitment and thorough financial planning.

‣ To help making your study at HHL possible, they offer following HHL MBA Scholarships  or outstanding candidates interested in studying in one of programs to finance their tuition fee and living costs. 

Full-time MBA-Young Leader Scholarship: The HHL Young Leader Scholarship focuses on prospective students, especially international students, who bring their leadership potential to HHL and plan to continue their career in a German company after graduation.

Full-time MBA-Future Entrepreneur Scholarship: The HHL Future Entrepreneur Scholarship focuses on prospective full-time MBA students who bring their entrepreneurial potential to HHL and who seek to start their own business after graduating from HHL or who have already started it.

‣ During their time at HHL the successful HHL MBA Scholarships applicants will participate in the student initiative accelerate-at-hhl.de and are asked to introduce their business concept in at least one of the events.

Full-time and Part-time MBA Scholarship for Women in Business: With its scholarship for women in business, HHL would like to support excellent female candidates of all academic and national backgrounds who present strong motivation and outstanding professional and academic credentials and who are willing to become active members of the HHL community.

Part-time MBA-Global Diversity Scholarship: The HHL Global Diversity Scholarship focuses on prospective students with an international background, who bring their leadership potential and international experiences to HHL. The scholarship will provide the successful candidates with a tuition waiver of up to 25% of the total tuition costs for the part-time MBA Program.

Global Executive MBA-Woman in Leadership Scholarship: An important mission of the EADA-HHL Global Executive MBA is to increase the flow of women business executives into key educational programs and international business networks. We look for motivated women in business, which are making significant achievements in their professional lives.

Global Executive MBA-Entrepreneurs Scholarship: EADA and HHL are seeking for self financed executives who address innovative and sustainable business solutions. An important aim of the EADA-HHL Global Executive MBA is to help executives to create value and develop solutions that can achieve big social and/or innovative impact.

Global Executive MBA-International Diversity Scholarship: This scholarship supports our goal of achieving an outstanding and truly international Executive MBA class. The International Diversity scholarship targets business leaders with an international background.

Global Executive MBA- Not-for-profit-sector Scholarships: EADA and HHL are seeking for executives who are working in non-profit organizations and could help in the future to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of these organizations.

Global Executive MBA-Small and Medium Enterprises Scholarships: This scholarship supports our goal of achieving an outstanding and truly international Executive MBA class. The Small and Medium enterprises scholarship targets business leaders working in a small or medium enterprise which supports personal and professional growth among employees.


‣ Applicants from all countries are eligible. The HHL MBA Scholarships are offered to full-time MBA applicant’s 2015 intake only.

‣ Applicants must hold a first degree (at least 180 ECTS credits) with an above average result and present a GMAT score of at least 650 (full time MBA scholarships) or min. 600 or in exceptional cases a very good result in the HHL Admission Test (part time MBA scholarships).

‣ For Global Executive MBA scholarships, the scholarship committee will only consider complete applications having successfully gone through the EADA-HHL Global EMBA admission process.

Scholarship Application Method 

‣ Applications must be submitted via email.

‣ Applicants must include:

  • A completed full-time MBA application form
  • GMAT score of at least 650
  • Scholarship essay
  • Scholarship questionnaire

‣ Scholarship Application Due Date : The application deadline for full-time MBA Scholarships is April 1  and June 30 for Global Executive MBA scholarships. The applications for part time MBA scholarships have closed.

‣ Application forms and guidelines can be download from the official website

‣ It is important to read the application procedure, and visit the official websites (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

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