2016 Ministry of Education of Peru Msc & PhD Scholarships For Study Abroad

2016 Ministry of Education of Peru Msc & PhD Scholarships For Study Abroad

The Ministry of Education of Peru is awarding scholarships to study for a master’s or PhD in Foreign higher education institutions. Scholarships are made available for Peruvian citizens residing in Peru.

Scholarships are aimed to strengthen the deepening of the knowledge gained in higher education and promote scientific research and technological research and innovation, in order to meet the development needs of the country, especially those in their place of origin.

The Ministry of Education of Peru, through the National Program of Scholarships and Educational Credit (PRONABEC) calls for public competition of “President of the Republic Scholarship” to study for a Master’s or PhD in Foreign higher education institutions, which are located between the 400 universities in the world QS world University Rankings, Academic Ranking of world universities (ARWU) and Times Higher Education world University Ranking.

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Course Level: Scholarships are available to study for a Master’s or PhD in Foreign higher education institutions.

Study Subject: The call provides scholarships for master’s or doctoral studies in the following areas of knowledge:

List of Subjects: Life sciences, biology, biotechnology, nanotechnology; Supply chains; camelids; Sciences physical and mental health; Science and technology of materials; Science and environmental technologies, earth sciences, forestry; Crops and food technologies; Technology of the information and communication; basic sciences, physics, chemistry, mathematics, pharmacy and biochemistry; Education; Public Administration, Public Management, Public Policy and Economics; Engineering (all specialties) oriented Aquaculture, agriculture, environmental, civil, marine science, electrical, electronics, nuclear energy, farming, geology, industrial, computer, food industries, mechanics, metallurgy, mining, materials, fishing , chemistry, water resources, forestry, systems, technology, telecommunications, transportation, animal husbandry and architecture.

Scholarship Award:
-100% of the cost of tuition and board of the curriculum.
-interprovincial transport of the town of origin of the fellow to Lima and vice versa, at the beginning and end of the program: the transfer will take place by land, may be allowed travel by air only in cases where the land is not a conveyance or in cases of permanent inability to use the land by natural disasters.
-Air transport from Peru to the country of destination and vice versa, at the beginning and end of the program in economy class.
-Grant in respect of manutención.- Monthly allowance exclusively for accommodation costs, meals and local mobility, which is approved annually by the PRONABEC.
-No installation expenses, personal expenses, expenses for dependents or previous or supervening dependents are covered.
-Grant for pecuniary annual study.- for purchases of books and study materials, unless the agreement concluded with the higher education institution (HEI) sets a different amount; provided that the University report, passing grade last semester of study and favorable report of the guardian of the graduate school.
-Grant for insurance Medical Review Annual cost of health insurance. The contractual relationship exists between the fellow and the insurance company. The choice of this should be considered health insurance coverage, life, accident and repatriation expenses if applicable.
-Grant in respect of research and titulación.- includes expenses incurred by the fellow to perform research for the thesis and the procedures for obtaining Master’s degree and / or PhD, as appropriate, those must be made within the period in which the host university. The thesis or research project or technological innovation to develop should reflect its contextualization, relevance and significance for the country’s development and should be obligatory in the town (preferably) nomination of the grantee.

Scholarship can be taken at: Abroad

I. The mandatory requirements are essential for the nomination is declared fit, the same that will be, charged in SIBEC in PDF format.
1) National Identity Document (DNI) or valid National Electronic Identity Card (DNIe) the applicant, to confirm the Peruvian nationality. It must also meet the following:
a) For an MA: Having a maximum thirty-three (33) years of age, completed on December 31, 2016.
b) For doctoral studies: Having to thirty-six (36) years of age, completed the December 31, 2016.
2) Have established and be physically located in Peru, at least prior to the application and during the whole process of the call to the awarding of the grant with the exception of citizens who have returned to the country and have invoked the Law year N ° 30001, who must prove their status with the scanning of the card Migrants Returned or household.
3) For a Masters:
Scan the document certifying the academic bachelor’s degree or professional degree, enrolled in the National Register of Degrees, Diplomas and constancy authentication signature at the SUNEDU, as appropriate
4) PhD studies:
Scan the document evidencing the degree of Magister and registration of master’s degree in the National Register of Degrees and Titles in SUNEDU.
II have belonged to the upper third or the equivalent, for the duration of undergraduate to graduate studies, graduate and upper third for doctoral studies. In that sense, scanning the record or certificate attesting it will be forwarded.
a) In the unlikely event applicant have performed undergraduate abroad must attach Proof / certificate stating honorary titles, and official translation if any document is issued in a language other than Castilian.
b) Have completed undergraduate and graduate studies in Peru, as appropriate, except for having been a recipient of a scholarship or be returned migrant.
III demonstrate good professional and / or research profile
a) Experience in academic teaching, for which he will attach the document issued by the Higher Education Institution that is aware, or
b) Have taken training courses, specialization or graduates. Only consider certificates / evidence that proves at least one hundred twenty (120) credit hours or four (04) months per course and are in his areas of expertise and / or area of ??study which postulates. a maximum of three (03) certificates will be accepted or
c) Academic publications and / or research projects related to their specialty, as well as indexed or specialized websites (Link) publications. In the case of books, the scanned copy of the Certificate of Legal Deposit made to the National Library of Peru is attached.
d) have participated as exhibitor or speaker in organizing academic events in their specialty. This requirement will be credited with the respective certificate / certificate.
IV Having been accepted by an eligible graduate program located in an area eligible knowledge University. This is credited with scanning the final acceptance letter issued by the host university. In the case of foreign universities or institutions in Convention not be Card programs not included therein. See: Conventions. The letter, compulsory and expressly contain the following information:
a) The start and end of graduate studies, indicating day, month and year.
b) The academic costs for the program to pursue or referential costs based on the previous year.
c) c. For those graduate programs that are taught in a language other than Castilian, the letter must be expressly noted that the applicant has the minimum level of language proficiency required for admission to the graduate program.
d) If the acceptance letter does not indicate that the applicant meets the required level of language, it must present the language certificate attesting compliance with the minimum skills to study the curriculum.

Nationality: Peruvian citizens residing in Peru are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirement: Peruvian professionals residing in Peru, who have obtained the degree of bachelor or professional bachelor’s degree and have belonged to the upper third or equivalent, at least during the entire undergraduate career; insufficient financial resources and good professional and / or research profile can apply.

Supporting Material: The required components for complete application packet are as follows:-
-The Letter of Acceptance will, for a period of up to twelve (12) months to start a Masters or PhD, counted from the date of being declared fellow with Departmental Resolution.
a) the acceptance letter containing ambiguous information, and one that indicates that the graduate program can be performed in a time longer than (02) years for Master or greater than (04) years for PhD will not be considered.
b) If the applicant attached over a document to the letter of acceptance to the effect that complement and contain contradictory data, their application will be invalid.
-must be attached Malla Curricular and / or Curriculum, which relates to the time at which develops the program, including matters related to practices and support of the research, as appropriate.
-Scanned documents evidencing work experience related to their career undergraduate or graduate as appropriate, after obtaining Bachelor’s degree or professional title:
a) For applicants Masters least twelve (12) months.
b) For applicants Doctoral least twenty-four (24) months. (Time will be cumulative in both cases).
c) Certificates of Practice Pre-professional internships, or SECIGRA SERUMS not be taken into account as work experience.
d) not be considered documents which is not verifiable with the institution or company in which he rendered professional services.
– not have sufficient financial resources to meet the cost of graduate study abroad, to which must be completed in:
a) Socio-Economic Overview in SIBEC.
b) Affidavit Annual Income Tax submitted to the SUNAT both the applicant and the members of its core coexistence corresponding to the years 2014 and / or 2015, if they have earned income as an independent (Fourth Category Income ) during such periods.
c) Withholding Certificate fifth category of the applicant and of the members of the core corresponding to the income received during the year 2015, should have served as dependent worker coexistence.
d) Affidavit Annual Income Tax submitted to the SUNAT both the applicant and the members of his family nucleus of the years 2014 and 2015 should be conducted business activity or business operations in these periods or Monthly Affidavits Income tax and / or proof of payment of monthly tax of 2015, as appropriate to their tax Regime.
e) Documents proving the income of the applicant and the members of his family nucleus entered in the affidavit of socioeconomic tab, in the last six months (receipts for fees for individual exercise any profession, art, science, trade and / or payslips remuneration and / or receipts for the performance of functions of company director, trustee, agent, business manager, trustee and similar activities, among others), as appropriate.
f) Receipt of light or water and documents proving that the property where he lives is owned, leased or otherwise, as appropriate as described in his affidavit socioeconomic profile; on the assumption that resides in a building that is not itself submit the document to indicate the date from which inhabits the property.
g) Documents consigned information on academic and / or administrative costs for their undergraduate or graduate studies, as appropriate.
– be in good physical and mental health conducive to start and successfully complete the curriculum; the format of the Affidavit of physical-mental health, and mental health certificate issued by a licensed psychiatrist and enabled, in the format of the Medical College of Peru. It will accept certificate / certification from the Ministry of Health (MOH) issued by a licensed psychologist and enabled, only to cases where the health center does not have a psychiatrist. In either case, the maximum duration of the letter will be 120 days from issuance.
-certificate register no police, judicial and criminal records.
Document scanning XI Executive Summary Research Project to develop for the degree of Magister or Doctor, as appropriate, which should reflect also their relevance and significance for the development of the country, especially its town of origin, which must be in a format a-4 sheet, Arial, size 11, single spacing, maximum one (01) page.
-Committing data in the Unified Registration Form.
-Committing data in the format requested the resume.
-Affidavit of not having family relationship with officials and / or servers PRONABEC.
-negative report in the Central Risk than seven (07) Vital Minimum Remuneration debt. If the applicant has paid all debts and central financial risk not registered, it can attach to their application the documents showing the cancellation of debt. It is noteworthy that the credit assessment of the applicant will be in charge of the Office of Educational Credit PRONABEC.
-present a guarantor who solvent (s) formalized (n) their condition (if married (o) or registration has de facto union, the signature of (a) husband (a) / partner will be required) if the fellow candidate is declared. The guarantor must meet the requirements set out in Annex No. 02. The credit assessment (os) guarantor (s) will be in charge of the Office of Educational Credit PRONABEC.
-Affidavit of Registration no Food Delinquent Debtors -REDAM.
-Affidavit accuracy of information.

How to Apply: To apply it is necessary to submit online scholarship application form.

Application Form

Application Deadline: The application deadline varies from university to university.

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