Apply For The Penstar Essay Competition For $1,000

The Pensters is providing a college scholarship of $1,000 to a proud winner of The Pensters writing contest.

How to Participate in the Contest

Step 1. Write a creative narrative essay in English (400-500 words). Follow our requirements for essay writing, which are stated below.

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Step 2. Send your essay to [email protected] till May 31, 2016. Together with the essay, add all of your contact information:

attending college/high school
year of graduation
phone number
Step 3. Wait for us to contact you by June 15, 2016, because if you get a note from us – you are the winner!

Essay Requirements

Essay length should be a minimum of 400-500 words.
Answer the following questions in your essay:
Who is the Penster?

What is his/her story?
Why does our world need heroes like him/her?
The recommended essay type would be narrative writing, but we give you complete freedom to express yourself in your own way. So don’t limit yourself to the suggested narrative writing, which normally would suit this task best.
Do not write about yourself and don’t try to explain why you deserve to win the scholarship. We only care about the quality and creativity of your writing. Your reasons for participating and the explanations on why you need the money are not relevant in this case.
Any point of view is acceptable. However, there must be no racism, sexism or fascism in your story. It is really hard to get these things into an essay about the Penster, so please don’t try to do it ?.
If you use clichés, use amusing ones. It is also okay to use slang as long as your writing style requires it. However, we would strongly recommend you to avoid profanity.
You don’t have to stick to academic style in this essay – you have enough of that in college, after all. So be creative.


We don’t care about your gender, age, race or nationality. Our only requirement is that you should be a current high school/college/university student. Only in this case, will we check your essay.

Deadline: May 31, 2016

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