Apply For Rotary Yoneyama Scholarships For International Students In Japan, 2016

Rotary Yoneyama Scholarships open for international students to undertake studies at Japanese university or graduate school in Japan. International applicant must have Japanese language proficiency. Applicants must be up to 39 years of age and have scholastic and health requirements. Scholarships will be awarded for a period of two years. Application deadline is 16th October 2016 for both April and October 2016 enrollments.

Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship for applicants residing abroad is for international students scheduled to enroll in a Japanese University or Graduate School. Applicants have to find out and apply a Japanese university or graduate school by themselves before they apply for this scholarship. The Foundation awards scholarships to overseas students who aspire to study or conduct research in Japanese universities or graduate schools. Its scholarship fund is supported by the contributions of Rotarians throughout Japan. The Foundation is Japan’s largest private scholarship organization, both in terms of program scale and number of scholarships awarded. About Fourteen Scholarships are awarded.

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Duration of award(s)

1) For April 2015 enrollment

– Undergraduates: Two years from April 2016 through March 2018

– Graduate students: Two years from April 2016 through March 2018

2) For October (September) 2016 enrollment

– Undergraduates: Two years from October (September) 2016 through September (August) 2018

– Graduate students: Two years from October (September) 2016 through September (August) 2018

Worth of Award

  • Undergraduates: ¥100,000 per month
  • Master’s students: ¥140,000 per month
  • Doctoral students: ¥140,000 per month
  • Supplemental: Only for the first year of the scholarship, a supplemental of ¥400,000 is provided upon arrival in Japan.


  • Overseas students meeting all of the following requirements are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

    Citizenship & Place of Residence Not be a citizen of Japan nor be residing in Japan.

  • Permission for Pre-arrival Admission in Japanese University or Graduate School have either obtained or be in the process of applying for pre-arrival admission approval from the university or graduate school (under MEXT jurisdiction) to which you wish to enter as a degree student or research student and be scheduled for April 2016 or October (September) 2016 enrollment. If the applicants come to Japan to have the entrance examination (e.g., to take a written exam or interview), they must return to their residing country to apply for the scholarship.
  • Scholastic and Health Requirements Have an enthusiasm for study and clear-cut future goals, an awareness of and respect for cultural differences, and ability to express oneself fluently and to communicate smoothly, and both the mental and physical health needed to sustain one’s life as an overseas exchange student.
  • Japanese Language Ability: there are several conditions requiring Japanese language ability depend on the area where applicants’ targeted the university / graduate school is located. In either case, after arriving Japan, scholars are expected to make an effort to communicate in Japanese so as to better create and strengthen friendship ties with Japanese people.
  • Age Up to age 39.
  • Academic Degree

    a- Persons who already hold a bachelor’s degree are not eligible for an undergraduate scholarship.

    b- Persons who already hold a master’s degree are not eligible for a master’s scholarship.

    c- Persons who already hold a doctoral degree are not eligible for a doctoral scholarship.

    -Dual Scholarships Student who will hold a scholarship from another organization when this scholarship goes into effect is not eligible to receive this one.

    -Past Yoneyama Scholars Persons who have held a Yoneyama scholarship in the past are not eligible for this scholarship.

Selection Criteria

  • Selections basically will be made by document review.
  • The application documents with any defects, including your failure to file a document which should be attached to the application except for a letter of acceptance stated-above, will not be considered as the object of selection.

Notification: Notification of selection results is made by email in the beginning of February 2016.

How to Apply

  • The application and documents should be prepared in PDF format. After filling out the form, please save the file with your own name and the documents name like as follows. (example: applicant’s name Margaret King)
  • Application: the name of the file “Margaret King_1_application”
  • The copy of the application for admission for the university/graduate school you are applying: the name of the file “Margaret King_2_entry”
  • Research plan (prescribed form): the name of the file “Margaret King_3_plan”
  • Composition (purpose for studying in Japan): the name of the file “Margaret King_4_composition”
  • Letter of recommendation: the name of the file “Margaret King_5_recommendation”
  • Copy of Letter of Acceptance: the name of the file “Margaret King_6_acceptance”

    (7) Document certifying Japanese language proficiency: the name of the file “Margaret King_7_japanese”

  • The Documents (5) and (6) can be sent to us directly from the university or schools you are applying by the deadline. Those who apply for Undergraduate don’t need to submit (3). Those who haven’t taken the Japanese Language Proficiency Test don’t need to submit (7).

Deadline: Application must arrive by 16 October 2015 1:00P.M. Japan time for both April and October 2016 Enrollment. Application documents must arrive by the date.

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