2015/2016 Loughborough University Scholarships For Non European Residents

2015/2016 Loughborough University Scholarships For Non European Residents

2015/2016 Loughborough University Scholarships For Non European Residents

Loughborough University is making over 100 scholarships available in 2015/2016 to new self-financing full-time international students who are permanently resident in a country outside the European Union (EU).

The Loughborough University Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of outstanding academic achievement and potential. Each scholarship will be of 1 year’s duration.

Worth of Award

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These scholarships will be to the value of 25% of the programme tuition fee and that value will be credited to the student’s tuition fee account.


  • Different Departments will have varying criteria for awarding Scholarships, however, in general we will be looking for students who have the equivalent of a UK First Class honours degree, or a very high 2:1 OR who have sufficient grades to demonstrate the potential to achieve this level. The precise grades vary from country to country, but the following is intended for general guidance:
  • CGPA (cumulative grade point average) – Many countries around the world have a CGPA system scored out of 4.0. In such cases students with CGPA of over 3.3 would be encouraged to apply. Other countries (such as Nigeria and Saudi Arabia) have GPA out of 5.0. In such cases students with a GPA of 4.3 or above would be encouraged to apply.
  • Percentages – The system for percentages varies greatly across the world. In Ghana around 68% would be considered excellent, whereas in China closer to 85% would be required to be regarded as a top grade. In India grades of above 75% would normally be required (and certainly a 1st Class with Distinction) – but this will vary from institution to institution. In Pakistan again over 75% would typically be required. If you are in any doubt as to whether your grades would be regarded as outstanding, please contact the International Office.
  • Personal Statement / Work experience – The award may also be made to students who show outstanding achievement or potential in other areas. The personal statement is the opportunity to show that you have an exceptional background of achievement in other areas such as work or voluntary activities and for you to show that you have the potential to make an exceptional contribution to the University, and to society after you graduate.

How to Apply

  • Applicants with exceptional qualifications may be offered a scholarship with their offer of a place.
  • Applicants to all schools will AUTOMATICALLY be considered for a scholarship – provided the initial application is complete and contains all the relevant information (degree transcripts, references etc.). There is no separate scholarship application process.
  • Deferring your place: If an applicant finds it necessary to defer his or her application to the next academic year, then the scholarship award will not automatically be deferred. Applicants will need to apply again under the following year’s scholarship scheme.

Deadline: Deadline is To Be Announced.

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